Integrating a healthy lifestyle into modern living.

Lyfe is for those who embrace it

As the world becomes increasingly health conscious and support around wellbeing improves, many brands are looking to be the go-to resource for all things health. Lyfe was created by two doctors looking to bring medically backed health advice to create true 360° wellbeing.

Lyfe integrate the latest thinking in medical therapeutic care with the latest thinking in technological habit building and brand-based engagement.



  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity Design
  • Design System
  • Messaging Key

Brand strategy and positioning

In order to create differentiation and impact in a competitive space, it was vital to define the brand strategy—forms the foundations for a successful brand, embedding strategy at its core.

Meaning behind the mark

Based on the 8 core life elements, the octagonal mark houses a balanced plus symbol coming together at the heart of the device, representing complete health.

Messaging key

A robust and adaptable messaging key is essential for joined-up marketing communications. Understanding both buyer mindset and platform nuances help to frame a conversation between brand and buyer.

Asset library

We created an asset-rich library beyond the typical elements of logo, colour and typography. We explored pattern design, motion language and even a sonic identity to build a rounded brand experience.

"Perfectly poised to scale"

With the underpinning knowledge and creative material that Dazzle has endowed us with, we feel able to press forward as a company, producing high-end customer facing articles."

— Dr Edward Lynch, Lyfe

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